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In today’s digital age, finding quality educational resources for children can be challenging. One standout option is a children’s STEM magazine Oyla. This engaging and informative publication covers essential topics in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Stem Magazine Oyla

OYLA Magazine has been available in over six languages across 10 countries since its inception in 2015. Each edition is crafted by a global team of innovators. Mission of company is to reveal the beauty, wonder and immense potential of science to young readers.

Benefits of a Children’s STEM Magazine

Stem Magazine Oyla
STEM magazine for kids 12+

Below I describe the advantages of offline magazines.

Engagement and Curiosity

A kids (12+) STEM magazine Oyla captures young readers’ attention with vibrant illustrations, interactive projects and real-world applications of STEM concepts. The tactile experience of flipping through a printed magazine enhances engagement, making learning more immersive and enjoyable.

Encourages Hands-On Learning

STEM magazines often include DIY experiments, puzzles, and activities that promote hands-on learning. These projects help children apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios, reinforcing their understanding and sparking creativity.

Improves Literacy and Comprehension

Reading a printed STEM magazine helps improve literacy skills. The diverse range of articles and topics encourages children to read more, enhancing their vocabulary and comprehension abilities. This can lead to better academic performance across various subjects.

Reduces Screen Time

With the increasing use of digital devices children’s screen time has become a concern for many parents. A magazine offers a screen-free alternative, promoting healthier reading habits.

Oyla Magazine | FAQ

Why Choose the Printed Version?

Studies have shown that reading printed material can improve focus and information retention.

What age group is a children’s Oyla magazine suitable for?

Oyla magazine designed for ages 12 and up, making them ideal for middle school students and early high schoolers.

How often are STEM magazines published?

Company issued magazine monthly and providing fresh content regularly

Are there digital versions available?

Yes, you can buy a digital version.


A kids STEM magazine Oyla is an excellent educational tool. The printed version in particular, offers numerous advantages, including improved focus, hands-on learning, and reduced screen time. 

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